Podcast: Live Well, Be Well.

Ever feel like you’re constantly putting out fires? Always too busy to slow down, or too stressed to rest? Jeanne Drennan says you can change that story for good, and really easily.

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Jeanne is a wellness coach, occupational therapist, and author who helps (mostly) women that are busy saving the world, to save themselves. Her book, Live Well. Be Well. has helped so many make practical changes in their their everyday lives that led to BIG life changes.

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Video: How To Review The Podcast In iTunes

Just in case you weren’t sure of the process, I walk you through how to leave a review for The Built For More Podcast.

You can, and should, do the same for any other podcasts you enjoy as well.

Here’s a link to mine: http://builtformore.com/itunes

Here are links to a few of my favorites mentioned in the video:

The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

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Dream Life Podcast

Podcast: Using Stories To Cope, Conquer, And Connect

Michael’s storytelling started out as a way to keep the bullies away, but eventually led him down a path of creativity and self-expression that has served him, his family, and his readers very well.

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In this episode, author Michael Allen Williamson shares the struggle of trying to fit in when his parents moved him across country as a kid.

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Podcast: The Real Power of Listening and Curiosity

Soness Stevens is a force to be reckoned with! She’s a multimedia guru who, for the last 19 years, has been in Japan, working her tail off in the communications space, teaching presentation skills and how to engage with audiences.

From the outside, it’s easy to think she’s the super bold, fearless,

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outgoing person who’s always on. I mean, she’s a dynamic speaker that engages audiences all around the world. On any given day, you might see the Florida native riding around the streets of Tokyo, Japan on her skateboard in her business suit.

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